One thing for sure.

October 20, 2008

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I will wake and achieve


IM here for you just shout.

October 20, 2008

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Percevierence is the mother of sucsess

Do you know me.

October 11, 2008


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I’m the man among men,pusher for honesty.

My silence does not mean I am a fool!!!

October 6, 2008

Sometimes people think i’m a stupid because they always see me silently, forgoting that my silence does not mean i’m a fool.YEH and that is for sure my silence does not mean i’m a fool.My silence does not mean i’m a fool because while i’m silence no one who can tell what am i thinking about that time, that is why my silence does not mean i’m a fool.I always think positively,utility things even for the future and analysing people who are close to me.


October 1, 2008

One day in Durban at Umlazi township,I was six and i was at home with my grandmother.My 2uncles,and my four brothers were away from home.In the mintime i was listening to my gogo’s stories about how  she  fall  in  love with my grandfather,how they love us as a family and what they have stored for us when we grew up.I was so interested in such a way i lost control of myself and fell asleep.”Go and sleep into Bhutiza’s room”(my uncles room)she sad.Immidietly  i walked  straight  into  my uncles room,i open the door,i closed it behind me and i thrown my self playingly on the bad”ohh! it’s Saturday for God sake   someone’s gonna daydream”(to myself) and i fell asleep.After couple of minute while I was still enjoying my resting i felt like i heared knock at the door twicely and i thought i was dreaming i carry on sleeping and i didi’nt take any notice becauce i was ”dreaming ‘I got tired,i thought of  changing  the side  i was sleeping with.Suddenly if i opend my eyes i saw five guys and i quickly noticed that they were armed with three guns and two knives,i sad two myself ”Oh my god i forgotten to lock the door but that didi’nt help.”Futsek where is Bhutiza my boy”I dont know ”i sad,other gangstar  pointed his gun to my face asking my uncle,when i was about to say no,he hit me hardly with his folded hand on my right side eye,I try to scream and call gogo but she was not there because she didi’nt come.I thought i helping myself by trying to scream but only to find out that i was killing my only self.They hit me again and the other gangstar sturbed me on my stomach about two holes,the  other one shut my mouth with my t-shirt so that i will not shout/cry.When i took a look on my stomach i was bleeding that on it own made me to cry,their boss sad”my boy,i’m  asking  you  for the  last  time,where is Bhutiza”?i tried to speak but i didi’nt because my mouth was shuted.He continued,”come on boy tell us so that we will leave you in peace not in  pieces  answer  me NJA”I cried,I cried and i cried it didi’nt help.They hit me,breaking my legs,others were buisy sturbing on my legs and stomach,by that time i was’nt felt pains because pains were all over  my  body.But  i cried  again,again and again.Suddenly i hered gogo shouting in front of the yard calling the neighbours”help nazi izigila mkhuba zibulala umtanami”(here are the criminals killing my baby,she sad.In the mintime  they  scurted all over the yard and disappear.My grandmother came to see what damage did they done.She thought it was just a little damage,when she enters  the she was accompanied by my blood,she cried,cried my gogo cried, while she crying I fell asleep because of pains clouded my body.after  three  days  i  woke  up  in  King  Edward  hospital,docters told me that i was in a comar for three day,that on it own hurted me because i didi’nt know why it was suppose to be like that.Because of Umlazi’s gangstars i nearly  became a tripple.In fact whose falt was it? because i am still crying. Must i stop crying?NO I WON”T STOP,I’M CRYING. YEH I’M CRYING.

About me.

September 29, 2008

I was called Ngcebo when i was

Hello world!

September 29, 2008

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